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Take Your TRADING  From  ZERO to HERO!


Premium Discord Access

The Premium Chat Room is our paid access group in the ZTH Discord server. Most of the action during market hours goes on in this channel.
  • Access to our traders
  • Options Flow Bot and Market News Feed
  • Real Time Market Analysis
  • Learn how we trade with LIVE trading during morning sessions
  • Try it out for a month for only $9.99, cancel any time!!!!
The Lifetime All Inclusive Membership is for those who want it ALL. You will have access to EVERYTHING we offer and will offer in the future!
  • All Courses
  • All Indicators
  • Premium Chat Room Access
  • All future offers from
The Zero To Hero Trader Course is designed for the beginner to intermediate trader. We will go over the basics of trading, dig into the fundamentals of charting and technical analysis, and help you work on the psychological side of trading. This course will help get you on your way to being a profitable trader and hopefully help you skip some of the learning curve. ​Click the button below to see what all is in the course!​​
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